Apples & education – the perfect analogy

I’ve been reflecting on the philosophy of education lately, my role in the community, and my perspectives about our small town of Medfield. Over the past five years, I’ve learned much about education decision-making, and most of all, I’ve learned that public schools are complicated!  A big question I’ve been asking myself: What can I do with the knowledge and information I’ve gleaned? How can I share all of it in a way that will help others?

It made sense to start this blog to help create awareness about important educational issues and topics related specifically to our public schools. I also felt compelled to take this step now because I fear we are in a perfect storm of unmanageable enrollment, limited space, worrisome student stress, and many decisions being made and conversations being had under the radar.

So why the apple? We all know the apple is a symbol of education. However, it’s not the single, iconic, fruity teacher gift that catches my attention — it’s the entire bushel! When I think of apples, I think of all the varieties — sweet, soar, red, yellow, green. Some are shiny and nearly perfect, while others are oddly shaped, colored, or have bruises and blemishes. But yet, with nurturing, creativity, time and warmth, every one of those apples can be transformed into something even more delicious! Or, they can be treasured for what they are right now, in their natural state, in the moment.

Beyond individual children, schools as a community are also a mixed bushel with different teachers, administrators, classroom configurations, daytime schedules, personalities, philosophies, motivations, etc. There are wonderful lessons being taught — whether behind classroom doors, on stages, or out on fields, and just like apples, no two lessons are alike. And that’s the way it should be!  It’s okay to have inconsistency, it’s okay for some lessons to fail, and it’s okay if schools like Medfield are NOT perfect. Nothing is perfect, and the non-stop attempt to cast everything in a positive light is a huge disservice to all who care about our schools, and most importantly, the students.

As a community, we need to see the reality of our public schools — the shiny, the blemishes, and everything in between. Through factual information combined with personal opinions and perspectives, my goal with this blog is to provide the mixed-bushel, balanced view of our Medfield Public Schools. I hope you’ll follow along!

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